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The Sunset Sinners describe their genre of music as “Whiskey Barrel Rock” which is a fusion of Southern & 70’s Rock blended with Red Dirt Country. The Sinners feature the bluesy vocal stylings of Tony Bowell, a powerhouse rhythm section of Blake Blackim (Drums), Brad Johnson (Bass) & guitar extraordinaire Chris Brungardt.

The Sunset Sinners have a huge passion for all active Military, Veterans & First Responders. The Sinners are super high energy performing their own originals along with Sinnerized classics!


Meet the Sinners

Sunset Sinners Drummer Blake

Drummer Blake Blackim

Sinner Blake, usually referred to as Sinner #1, is the glue of the group that put this band together in 2018. He grew up playing the drums at a very young age, as his father Chuck was a top Jazz/Big Band drummer in the Midwest in the late 50's and 60's. He is a rock solid player who's heavily influenced by the late great John Bonham (Led Zeppelin). Interesting fact about Sinner Blake is that he is one of the main lyricists for Sinner originals and had the initial idea for "Always Time For One More Beer". 

Lead Singer Tony Bowell

Sinner Tony who handles lead vocals and rhythm guitar has a big Black Crowes vibe with a unique bluesy vocal style. Like Sinner Blake, he also grew up in a musician household as his dad Ron was a touring musician in the Midwest during the 70's. Interesting fact about Sinner Tony is that he created the song idea, lyrics and initial riff for "Mine All Mine".


Lead Guitarist Chris Brungardt

Sinner Chris is a known commodity as a guitar extraordinaire. He has superb chops but also incorporates monster slide skills along with the latest technological advancements with his guitars and performance/recording amps. Interesting fact about Sinner Chris is that prior to the introduction of YouTube, he had his own international guitar teaching service and website called "Chops From Hell". 

Bassist Brad Johnson

Sinner Brad, also known as the Silver Fox, holds the groove together and sings backup harmonies. He has some simple bass stylings that really complement the Sunset Sinners, and provides wonderful backup vocals. Interesting fact about Sinner Brad is that he is well versed in sound production and has been on many tours. He also loves riding Harley motorcycles.

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